Interface CustomDatumFactory

public abstract interface CustomDatumFactory

Method Summary
 CustomDatum create(Datum d, int sqlType)
          create an Object from SQL Type and return it.

Method Detail


public CustomDatum create(Datum d,
                          int sqlType)
                   throws java.sql.SQLException
create an Object from SQL Type and return it. It is sometimes convenient to have the same class implement both CustomDatum and CustomDatumFactory, but normally they are distinct.

sqlType should really be a class of some sort, but introducing such a class would go well beyond the current state of JDBC and so for the moment we just provide the type code. Note that for named types (such as SQL Object types) the name can be determined from the Datum.

d - some SQL data that should be used to initialize an Object.
sqlType - the SQL type that the
an Object that embeds information from d.